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Advocacy Platform
The purpose of the advocacy platform is to provide a means to widely propagate a message exponentially at minimal cost.
All you need to get started today:

a clearly defined message and point of view

a credible organization promoting the message

a credible and charismatic champion

a desire to build local chapters of advocacy and support to grow the message globally

As a credible organization with a clearly defined message, we can help you reach beyond your expectations to engage your intended audience.

Positions your champion in front of a global audience.  Anytime, anywhere.

Enables library building to provide access to new material for social media and conversations.

Facilitates the creation of local events by providing local supporters with “Event in a Box” capability.

Grows advocacy networks and builds the media library exponentially using recorded local events to create local interest.

Builds on the support and successes from the local/regional level so you can create a global conference.

Reduces delays and saves thousands of dollars in post-production costs.  Messages are recorded and published in one easy workflow.

Easy replication of events contributing to the media library and brand awareness.

Social media channels deployed at the local level propagate the message to their social networks causing rapid, exponential growth for the message and brand.

Multiple Language Capability

Video metrics included to monitor most popular videos

Social media metrics, Sentiment Monitoring, listens to social media and provides positive, neutral, and negative reviews.

Integrates with CMS (Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, etc.) and your existing website.